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Cuzama cenote day trip

Sink hole / cenote

Sink hole / cenote

Tree roots




The observatory at Mayapan

Exploring and swimming in cenotes (natural sink holes) is an amazing experience. 

The cenotes or sink holes are located near a small hamlet, half a mile from Cuzama (and about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Merida).  They are located in what used to be a hemp (or sisal) plantation.  The (narrow gauge) railroad tracks and the wagons you will ride on were the infrastructure that allowed  to transport the hemp to the production facility at the hacienda.  These wagons have been modified for passenger use; 4 visitors fit in one cart, (maybe 5/6 if small children are in your party). Each wagon is hauled by a horse across the abandoned estate.
Due to an ongoing land dispute, the regular tour has been modified.   It currently it includes 2 cenotes (previously 3)
After the adventure, continue to Mayapan, the last Mayan capital of the northern lowlands. Mayapan is a small-scale version of Chichen Itza, and became the capital of the northern lowlands after the downfall of Chichen Itza. This site is off the beaten path, and thus less crowded.

If you wish to explore more cenotes, instead of going to Mayapan, have lunch at Cuzama and then you wil be driven to the 2 cenotes within the village of Homun, only 15 minutes away from Cuzamá. 

Driving service rates:

Our driving service rate includes, van & driver, insurance, fuel, toll fees, cold bottled water (ice boxes on board the vehicle), as well as towels for swimming activities.  Please add 16% Mexican sales tax.  Rates consider Merida as collection and drop-off destination.  The 10-hour continuous driving service allows to complete any published day trip without rushing through the experience.  Should you need additional time, add 150 pesos per hour (or $10 US).  

Meals & admission fees to sites are not included.  

Rates are per vehicle



Uxmal, Mayapan, Cuzama, Izamal, Aké, Maní Progreso, Telchac, Celestun, Homun, Yaxcopoil, Ochil, Cacao Museum, Izamal

Chichen Itza, Piste, Balancanche, Ik'kil Sayil, Labná, Loltun, Kabah Valladolid, Xkeken, Sambulá,  Uayma,  Ek Balam, Campeche, San Felipe, Rio Lagartos  
  Pesos $US dollars Pesos $US dollars Pesos $US dollars
1 - 2 2,500 $170 2,900 $200 3,100 $220
3 - 6 2,900 $220 3,300 $235 3,600 $250
7 - 8 3,600 $250 3,900 $275 4,200 $300
9 - 10 3,900 $275 4,200 $300 4,500 $325
11 - 14 4,300 $300 4,600 $325 4,900 $350

 Add 16% sales tax (VAT)



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