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  • Itzimna


    I will not make a comprehensive fB series of all the neighborhoods in Merida (at least not for now !). In this particular delivery, Itimná - the once hamlet located outside the city limits of the then less populated Mérida, is now one of the nicer “colo

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  • Garcia Gineres Neighborhood

    Garcia Gineres Neighborhood

    Merida has grown beyond our wildest dreams. Roaming about the García Ginerés neighborhood and it's grand homes is a treat, despite the state of disrepair of many of them.

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  • Trees and flowers of the Yucatan

    Trees and flowers of the Yucatan

    The Yucatán has started to show off it's beautiful colors with Lluvia de Oro trees in full bloom and the magnificent Flamboyán trees are about to start..............do not miss going outdoors and enjoy the views !!!

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  • Izamal


    This magnificent town is a true example of a "pueblo mágico" due to its uniqueness: a large Franciscan monastery a top a Mayan platform, 5 pyramids within the village and a striking yellow hue across the homes and store facades.

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  • Yaxcaba


    For a very small community, Yaxcabá boasts quite a large church – San Francisco de Asis. It has now been painted in the striking red hacienda color, although it also looks impressive in the plain and traditional rock and mortar combination. We have inc

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  • Calakmul


    Rediscovered from the air by biologist Cyrus L. Lundell of the Mexican Exploitation Chicle Company on December 29, 1931, the find was reported to Sylvanus G. Morley of the Carnegie Institute at Chichen Itza in March 1932.

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  • Edzna


    Along with Calakmul, Edzná represents the best Mayan sites the state of Campeche can offer.

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  • Sisal


    Did you know that Empress Charlotte of Belgium, wife to Emperor Maximilian of Habsburg reached the Yucatan by sea, arriving at Sisal ? She was deeply interested in the life at the haciendas and was a relevant figure in point out mistreatment to the work

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  • Rio Lagartos

    Rio Lagartos

    Rio Lagartos is one of those sites that deserve a very good look but is off the radar for most visitors.

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  • Paseo Montejo

    Paseo Montejo

    Paseo Montejo represents one of the key landmarks in Merida. This magnificent boulevard showcases the grandest homes of the henequen (sisal) production heyday (late 19th century to early 1900's).

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  • Rembrandt in Merida

    Rembrandt in Merida

    Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, the Dutch painter and etcher was born 406 years ago.   The collection exhibited at El Olimpo is part of the Milán – Madrid – Mexico City...

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  • Chactún: the discovery of a lost Mayan city

    Chactún: the discovery of a lost Mayan city

    Recent discovery of Chactún a Mayan settlement that dates back to the early Classic period.

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  • Gran Museo del Mundo Maya

    Gran Museo del Mundo Maya

    El Gran Museo del Mundo Maya. La conceptualización arquitectónica del edificio está basada en uno de los elementos claves para entender la mística del pueblo maya: el árbol de la...

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  • Frederick Catherwood

    Frederick Catherwood

    Frederick Catherwood (born 27 February 1799, died 27 September 1854) was an English architect, best remembered for his meticulously detailed drawings of the ruins of the Maya civilization. He explored...

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  • NASA technology aiding archaeologists

    NASA technology aiding archaeologists

    Spotting ancient Maya ruins -- a challenge even on the ground -- has been virtually impossible from the sky, where the dense Central American rainforest canopy hides all but a...

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  • Fernando Castro Pachecho - Yucatecan artist

    Fernando Castro Pachecho - Yucatecan artist

     .  . Fernando Castro Pacheco (January 26, 1918 - ) is a Mexican painter, engraver, illustrator, print maker and teacher. As well as being known for traditional artistic forms, Castro...

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  • Dzibilchaltun


    Preclassic Mayan archaelogical site near Merida,

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  • Leonardo Nierman exhibit

    Leonardo Nierman exhibit

    If you are visiting Merida do not miss the sculpture exhibit by Leonardo Nierman at the museum of contemporary art - Macay

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  • Hanal Pixan / Day of the Dead celebration

    Hanal Pixan / Day of the Dead celebration

    The Day of the Dead or "Dia de Muertos" is better known in Yucatan as Hanal Pixan. This celebration follows the Mayan traditions combined with catholicism.

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  • Chicxulub Crater

    Chicxulub Crater

    Chicxulub crater in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is considered one of the largest impact craters on Earth. It is180 km in diameter, 10 km deep and was formed about...

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  • The degree confluence project

    The degree confluence project

    The degree confluence project. . The goal of the project is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at...

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  • Pronatura


    Pronatura Peninsula de Yucatan, A. C. (PPY) is a Mexican non profit organization that has worked for more than a decade in priority areas of the Yucatan Peninsula; particularly, in...

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  • Entrance Fees

    Entrance Fees

    Following you will find the current entrance fees (Mexican pesos) to the archaeological sites accross the Yucatán.  For an approximate translation to US dollars divide by 11.5, to Euros by...

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