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Freedom divers cenote day tour


Freedom Divers Mexico
Cenotes are natural sinkholes that, through run-off and rain water, have been filled with beautiful, crystal-clear water.  Evidence of the freshness of these water sources are the fish species you can find in them.   
The Mayas believe them to be sacred places for the waters they hold are home to many of the gods they worship.  Along with the caves, the cenotes are considered the gateway to  Xibalba, the legendary Mayan underworld. 
We have partnered with expert dirvers from Freedom Divers Mexico.  At all times you will be monitored and coached by expert divers, all of them bilingual.  We will provide diving and sknorkeling gear, as well as cold bottled water and fresh towels.  Just bring along your camera !  Please to do not apply sunscreen prior to the diving experience to avoid pollutiing the pristine waters. 
The cenotes we explore in the state of Yucatan (relatively close to Mérida) are:
  • Kankiriche
  • Yaalduzil
  • Homun
  • Cuzamá




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