We have a variety of pre-designed day trips that cover most of Yucatan’s natural, archaeological and historical landmarks. You can also plan your own day trip and send us the details so that we can offer you a quote. All of our day trips consider the city of Merida as a collection and drop-off point.

Homun & Izamal Day Trip

Homun is a small community near Cuzamá, better known for its cenotes. Izamal is the only “magical town” in the Peninsula. Very few selected towns in the country have been awarded the title of magical towns.

Mayapan Day Trip

This day trip combines several stages of the Yucatan History. Mayapan is a post-classic settlement, 45 km. east of Merida. This was the last Mayan capital of the northern lowlands, after the collapse of Chichen Itza.

Chichen Itza Day Trip

Chichen Itza holds a very special significance within the Mayan classic period. It represents the pinnacle of Mayan civilization.

Uxmal Day Trip

The archaeological site of Uxmal – “The thrice built” is a masterpiece of the Puuc style. This Mayan site is located next to the only mountain range of the Yucatan and very close to the state of Campeche.

Campeche Day Trip

One of the hidden treasures of the Peninsula is the city of Campeche. The city was established two years before Merida in 1560 by Francisco de Montejo, and fortified in the 18th. century as protection against frequent pirate attacks.

Celestun Day Trip

If you are interested in wildlife, you will enjoy exploring Celestun. The wildlife reserve at Celestun is a bird sanctuary best known as a flamingo breeding spot, as well as a stop-over for migrating North American birds.

My Own Day Trip

Build a custom day trip to any destination within Yucatan. The only restriction is that target sites should be within a reasonable distance.