Rio Lagartos

An interesting alternative to the Celestun wildlife reserve visit is to Rio Lagartos. Northeast of Merida. It takes a much longer drive but it is absolutely worthwhile. As in many places in our beloved county, the name of the village is not accurate on may accounts; first, it is not a river (rio), there are

Yucatan Sisal Plantations

A common stop among Yucatan visitors is at the hacienda “henequenera”, or sisal plantation.  Not visiting an Hacienda while in Merida, is like skipping Notre Dame in Paris or Central Park in NYC.   Some of our US visitors say that our “henequén” or sisal also goes by the name of hemp or twine.    You can

Pirates in Campeche

Pirates and piracy as a conversation topic goes from high to low depending on the releases of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga. Taking out the formidable sea creatures, invincible vessels and outrageous bounties, there was indeed significant pirate activity for more than 200 years in this part of Mexico and the Caribbean. A not

Merida in motion

Merida is amongst the oldest cities in Mexico (not as old as Campeche, also in the Yucatan) so there are a significant number of old colonial building – our Spanish heritage- , from Franciscan churches to stately family homes. Sadly, the “modern” Spanish settlement was built by tearing down the old Mayan temples from T’ho

Merida old railway station

The Merida railway station is located on Calle 55 between 48 and 46, not too far from downtown proper. Since passenger rail services stopped in 1997, this neo-Colonial building has been renovated and now houses an art institute, the Escuela Superior de Artes de Yucatan. It is one of the best preserved buildings of its


Uayma is often bypassed by Valladolid visitors, in spite of it’s proximity (a 10 minute drive). The town does not have the “pueblo mágico” distinction, but it is definitely worth a visit. Uayma is a small town located in the center of the Yucatán Peninsula, about 15 kilometers north and west of Valladolid. In colonial